Pj's Statement of Philosophy

Our Place:

Our vision since 1995 has been to provide quality education and care for all children of all abilities, whilst establishing a positive organisational culture of professional early childhood educators and teachers, whom are responsive and attuned to each individual child, their families and their communities.  

Our service is committed to ensuring children are kept safe from harm, in developing and implementing quality education and care programs that will support each child in reaching their fullest potential. 
Kidz n Co Learning has successfully developed 11 high quality children’s services to Berwick, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Leongatha, Sale, Traralgon, Bairnsdale and Paynesville. 
Kidz n Co Learning centre’s are on GunaiKurnai land and we acknowledge and recognize Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as traditional owners and care takers of this land, water ways, sky, air, flora and fauna.  

We believe in the rich histories, knowledge and perspectives that the GunaiKurnai people share and continuously commit to developing collaborative, respectful partnerships with the GunaiKurnai community. 

We respect reconciliation, as the journey to healing begins with children and families, yarning stories and truth

Our Commitments:

- Children’s rights are paramount, we adhere to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to ensure every child is receiving these rights.


- To inform our professional practices and pedagogies from the Early Years Learning Framework and Learning Outcomes, to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to 5 years and through their transitions to school.  To develop foundations to reach their fullest potential and for future success. - To continuously engage in critical reflection a nd quality improvement in relation to the National Quality Framework to ensure quality services are provided and maintained.


- To ensure each child is safe and free from harm through mandatory reporting and Child Protection and Risk Management strategies.


- To provide healthy, nutritious, delicious meals in cohesion with the National Healthy Eating Guidelines to ensure daily recommendations for children are met.


- To work towards a sustainable future by embedding sustainable practices and developing a sense of re spect for our natural world including all living and non living things. 

Our Belief:

Learning is dynamic, complex and holistic; therefore, we draw on a range of theoretical perspectives, frameworks and personal experiences to inform our professional practice.   

We believe that one of our most important priorities is that all members of our community (children, families, wider community) feel a strong sense of connection and belonging.   
We draw on Bowlby’s attachment theory, by providing continuity to children, developing familiar caregivers that assist in forming an emotional bond, allowing children to feel safe and secure to explore and learn. 
We also draw on Vygotsky’s theory, which also coincides with Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model understanding that there are multiple ways of knowing, learning and thinking and it is heavily influenced by the broader environment. 

We believe social interactions play a crucial role in a child’s development; therefore, we provide continuous opportunity for peer interaction to assist in each child’s social development and resilience. 

We believe in Maslow’s theory, that children cannot develop and grow if their basic needs are not met, through sleeping, eating, resting, shelter and protection. 

Our curriculum is play-based.  We believe that children actively construct their own learning and they have the capacity and rights to initiate and lead learning and to be active participants and decision makers in matters affecting them.  Therefore, we believe in balance between educator and child-initiated learning experiences that reflect children’s current interests, strengths and abilities.   
By adopting a child centered, hands on approach children are encouraged to freely express and create their own learning and play.  With this, we encourage the development of identity, agency and sense of wellbeing (Steiner, Piaget and Dewey).    Through indoor/outdoor play we provide opportunity for children to explore, discover and experience their indoor, outdoor and natural world.  We enjoy being in the moment with the children, to allow the greatest opportunities for learning and growing.  We see each child as capable and competent and continue to set high expectations to challenge their growth. 

We acknowledge parents as children’s first and most influential people in a child’s life.   Therefore, we respect and support each parent’s beliefs and values for their children, listening to and learning from them to share in the decision making of their child’s learning and care. 

We believe in the child’s right to privacy and confidentiality; therefore, we do not use social media.  

We believe in ‘old’ school methods of hands on learning, however, as we go through the digital era, we will integrate some ICT use throughout the older years, to aid in learning and preparation for the future. 

 Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin our professional practices.  We believe all children regardless of identity, age, gender, religion, culture, race and ability, has the right to good, quality education and care (UNCRC).
   Kidz n Co Learning does not discriminate.

Our Goals and Aspirations:

To support children in achieving their fullest potential and becoming all that they are.  

To provide them with a safe and secure environment at which they can grow and feel joy and share happiness with their peers, educators, families and wider community.   

We believe children are only little once – let them enjoy it ! 
We will continue to grow through our commitment and to prove that caring and educating children is a community effort – 

  ‘it takes a community to raise a child'

Kidz n' Co Learning Pty Ltd